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Niños de Nueva Esperanza

I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico to work with Niños de Nueva Esperanza (NNE), a non-profit that serves the children of the Sebana Seca community. NNE helps children in three developed service areas of Psychosocial, Sociocultural, and Academic with the intended goal of providing better life experiences and endless possibilities.


We collaborated with NNE to improve their online presence and tell their story through photography, videography, graphic design, written copy, web development, translation, and strategy. We made this website accessible to English speaking investors and potential donors as well as Spanish speaking staff and volunteers. We spent 3 days exploring the facility to witness the impactful work being done at NNE. After working in Puerto Rico, our team returned to Elon to piece together all of the content that was gathered and curated at NNE. The content displayed on the final website showcases personal stories, NNE's history, and the hope and love that encapsulates everything done at this center. 

In this client-facing role as the copywriter, my duties included researching the previous website, planning a restructure based on target audiences, goals, and brand identity, and crafting purposeful copy to match the brand voice and personality of NNE. I created interview questions and helped conduct some of these interviews as well as collecting B-roll footage for the website. Every decision was driven by NNE's goals to increase volunteers, donations, and investors.

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